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Unforgettable Children’s Party Entertainment: Creating Lasting Memories

Your child’s birthday party is a chance to celebrate their accomplishments and have fun together with friends. Themes, decorations, food and cake are all important, but don’t forget to book memorable children’s party entertainment! Whether you are looking for a clown, character or entertainer to perform a kids magic show or a DJ/MC, we have many options available that will make your party a hit.

Kids are engulfed by their sense of wonder, and their imaginations are vivid. Using their creative energy is the best way to make sure your child’s birthday party is a blast.

A few weeks before the big day, choose a date and venue; write out the invitations; get updated class lists from your child’s school; and start making any homemade decorations or favors you plan to do. A week before the celebration, purchase party supplies and supplies you don’t already have on hand (plates, cups, napkins, etc.); do any menu prep that won’t spoil; and call parents who haven’t responded to the R.S.V.P.

Guests love activities that are unique and take advantage of their natural talents. Consider having a craft station where kids can create their own animal masks or spray paint rocks and turn them into treasure hunt markers. Kids can also make their own balloon animals, play a game of musical chairs or race to complete a scavenger hunt. Ensure that all kids are involved by creating co-operative games like a treasure hunt, or a game of squirt water or “Simon Says.” Award prizes like suckers, little bouncy balls or rings for winners. Keep a paper bag labelled with each child’s name at the front door, where they can stash their prize.

If you’re hiring an entertainer, research their website and/or Facebook page for examples of their work. Ask about their rates and what their show entails. It’s a good idea to ask for references from other parents, and contact local children’s museums or libraries for recommendations. Be sure to note on the invitation what age group the event is geared for; this will help you gauge how many children will attend.

Kids adore games that challenge their dexterity, motor skills and ability to follow instructions. A craft table is a perfect fit. Whether it’s painting, making slime or designing a superhero costume, kids will be delighted to have something they can take home with them.

Avoid skipping the gift opening; it’s a favorite part of many kids’ parties. Set a timer or use a spin-the-bottle game to keep the unwrapping rolling along. If you’re pressed for time, slap some blue-coloured icing and brown sugar on the cake for a beach theme or decorate an air-brushed psychedelic cake with a little more creativity.

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