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The World’s Most Expensive Mattress

Mattresses are a big-ticket item, with the average American shelling out $1000 or more on their purchase. That’s just a drop in the ocean, however, when it comes to the world’s most expensive mattress. These opulent beds boast prices that can reach into the millions of dollars, making them more costly than even the most luxurious cars on the market.

To find the best luxury mattress, you must consider a number of factors. Aside from the initial price tag, you’ll also want to take into account the warranty, return policy, and other costs that may affect your total cost of ownership. Additionally, you’ll want to look at the quality of materials used and whether or not the mattress is certified as eco-friendly. Finally, you’ll want to weigh the overall feel of the mattress and any additional features that will accentuate its luxuriousness.

While many people dream of a lavish mattress, the initial price tags can be daunting. Fortunately, it is possible to make a deluxe mattress more affordable by incorporating a few high-end touches into your bedroom. You can start by selecting a high-thread count sheet set, choosing a mattress pad with a silk or satin cover, and incorporating other decorative items into your bedroom design. You can even opt for a luxury mattress with an added layer of tufting or embroidery to further accentuate its luxuriousness.

The most expensive mattress in the world is the Grand Vividus from Swedish bed maker Hastens, which retails for around $189,000. This mattress is handmade with layers of natural materials like horsehair, which takes 320 hours to construct by hand. The company says the Grand Vividus provides a feeling of floating for its sleepers and offers significant pressure point relief. It’s only available in select exclusive locations and customers work with a sleep consultant to personalize the Grand Vividus.

Another top contender for the world’s most expensive mattress is the Diamond Majesty from Vi-Spring, which costs an eye-watering $71,000. This luxurious mattress is made from the finest natural materials, including premium Shetland fleece wool, the hand-opened Austrian Moosburger(r) horsetail, and bamboo, plus cotton, cashmere, and silk. It also features a hand-tufted surface with six rows of hand side-stitching. The opulent mattress is said to provide a heavenly night’s sleep and transform one’s life for the better.

The Palais Royale from British mattress makers Hypnos is the third most expensive mattress at a whopping $15,000. This mattress has springs for support and natural materials such as Joma wool, horse tail hair, and organic cotton for cushioning. The mattress was originally commissioned by London’s luxurious Savoy Hotel in 1905, and it continues to be produced using the same formula today. The mattress has a high prestige value, as it’s believed that the likes of Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe slept in one.

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