The Gathering Inn is a program developed by the churches in south Placer County to provide the homeless with supper, hospitality, and a place to stay overnight.  It also works to help people out of homelessness by networking with other agencies and programs, and starting new ones.

Every night homeless people register at the Gateway facility in Roseville or Parkside Nazarene Church in Auburn.  They arrive at the designated site to take showers and safely store their belongings, then are picked up by The Gathering Inn bus and taken to the church that is hosting them that night.  Two trained supervisors are present at all times.  After the bus arrives and the group settles in, the people supervising give announcements and instructions.  Then the church members conduct a 10 minute devotional and serve dinner.  After dinner, some activity is provided, but many guests want to just go to sleep.  Church members leave at 9 PM.  

Thirteen religious congregations in Auburn participate in The Gathering Inn. In all, thirty-nine congregations are currently involved in the program.