About Us

Well, it really isn't "about us" at all, it's about serving others and sharing the love of Christ through our common beliefs. That being said, here's a little more about Bethlehem Lutheran Church, the "friendly church by the fairgrounds":
Our church was built in 1948, started by a handful of Lutheran families residing here in the picturesque Sierra Nevada foothill town of Auburn. We have grown over the years along with the community, and today our congregation is comprised of about 400 members.
Proclaiming Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, Bethlehem Lutheran Church loves to worship – to energize our souls, remember our baptism, and foster "servant hearts" for the secular side of our lives.
We strive to serve the people of our community through support of cause-related activities, from feeding the homeless to youth outreach, resource conservation, opening the doors of our facility to service groups, and serving the annual Christmas Dinner to hundreds. 
We enjoy fellowship time as well, from the after-service coffee time, to occasional movie nights, age-associated events, potluck dinners and BBQs, and more.
Elsewhere on this site you can learn more about our specific Christian beliefs, how our services take place, and who our pastor and staff are. We'd love to get to know you too -- you are welcome in this house!